About us

Khoi Tech is a South African technology company offering health-tech solutions through innovative software platforms and related wearable devices.

The company was established in 2020 and undertook extensive research and develop to offer software platforms and related wearable devices to enhance the lives of its clients through data driven solutions.

Khoi worked in conjunction with leading international component manufactures and suppliers to offer high quality wearable devices that integrate with an ecosystem of proprietary software platforms.



Khoi Tech offers rigorously  researched and high quality developed consumer electronics products. A robust RnD process started in 2020 with leading OEMs around the world to produce world class innovative products. Our premier offering is tested and certified internationally as well as by Icasa.


We develop and offer software solutions initially focusing in the health tech and sports tech industries.  Our software services are tailored for Khoi consumer electronic products for individual, corporate and organization usage.

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